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Daniel Gárdonyi (*1982) descends from a German Hungarian family of musicians and received his first artistic stimulus from his father. Subsequently he studied church music and organ at the music universities in Bayreuth (Hartmut Leuschner, Thomas Rothert) and Stuttgart (Bernhard Haas). In 2010/2011 he worked as Assistant to the Director of Church Music, Kay Johannsen, at the Stiftskirche in Stuttgart. In October 2011 he was appointed Director of Music at the Liebfrauenkirche in Frankenberg (Hessen). Since 2016 he has been based in Würzburg working as a freelance musician. He performs recitals throughout Germany, Hungary and other European countries, including venues as Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche Berlin, National Concert Hall and St. Stephens Cathedral Budapest, Salzburg Cathedral, Coventry Cathedral, Bristol St. Mary Redcliffe, St. Giles Edinburgh et al. He serves as guest lecturer of organ and music theory at the church music training center in Schlüchtern.    

Concerts & Workshops 2018


2. - 12. January 2018, KMF Schlüchtern

Workshop for (young) amateur organists


23. - 29. March & 2. - 7. April 2018, KMF Schlüchtern

Workshop for (young) amateur organists


26. May 2018, 8 pm, Stiftskirche Landau (Pfalz)

Organ Recital

with music by Vierne, Messiaen, Cage, Pärt and Gárdonyi


3. Juni 2018, 5 pm, Klosterkirche Vechta

Organ Recital

Music by Bach, Vierne, Gárdonyi


9. - 20. July 2018, KMF Schlüchtern

Workshop for (young) amateur organists


1. September 2018, 11:30 am, Augustinerkirche Würzburg 

Lunchtime concert


9. September 2018, 20 pm, Stadtkirche Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Organ Recital


1. - 13. October 2018, KMF Schlüchtern

Workshop for (young) amateur organists


20. October 2018, 6 pm, Große Kirche Bremerhaven

Organ Recital


28. October 2018, 5 pm, Nagyvárad tér Budapest (Hungary)

Organ Recital


5. - 8. November 2018, KMF Schlüchtern

Workshop "Organ Improvisation"

together with Sascha André Heberling

Concerts & Workshops 2019


10. February 2019, Erftaldom Hardheim

Organ Recital

including first performance of a new piece by Zsolt Gárdonyi 


27. April 2019, 5 pm, Reformed Church at Fasor Street Budapest (Hungary)

Concert together with the "Coro Valdese Torino"

Conductor: Walter Gatti


5. May 2019, 7 pm, Great Reformed Church Debrecen (Hungary)

Organ Recital

Music by Bach, Liszt, Gárdonyi